Phuket Guide

Phuket, Thailand

The City of Phuket has been based hardly more centuries by back Chinese and Malayan merchants for service nearby tin and its harbour well has been adapted for greater ships. The business centre of the island today shakes by the ancient architecture of the Portuguese style: - all speaks the Chinese temples, former Chinese quarter and colonial private residences about centuries-old and very interesting history of city. In recent years the city experienced the period of significant growth, but thus it managed to not lose special multinational colour. The best way to appreciate capital of Phuket is to walk from hill Rang Hill up to northern part of city.


Phuket has a population of more than 200,000. Phuket People are charming and friendly. They genuinely like visitors, and appreciate sharing their love of the island, and their beloved country. One of the most interesting groups of people who have lived on Phuket are the Sea Gypsies, traditionally a nomadic peoples who travelled from cove to cove, staying until the fish and other resources were depleted. They then moved on, allowing the cove to re-establish its former ecological balance before returning to repeat the cycle.

Their history and cultural lifestyles are hard to trace as they do not have a written language. Sea gypsies are said to have originated in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands between India and Burma. They are generally darker skinned and heavier with curly black hair. They speak their own language and follow their own animistic religion.

Sea Gypsies consist of three groups. The Mokens ,the Orung Laut and the Moklens. There are three Sea Gypsy villages in Phuket. The one located at Rawai is thought to be the oldest and is visited by busloads of tourists everyday. Another village is located 8km north of Phuket Town at Sapam Coast, and a third village is located on Siray Island which is accessible by bridge from Phuket Town.

Phuket Town, with a population of about 63,000, is located on the east side and Patong Beach, whose population varies widely depending on the time of year, is located on the west side. The residents are Thais who migrated from the mainland, Chinese who arrived to work the tin mines, Muslims of Malaysian extraction -- many of who come to work the rubber plantations -- and Chao Nam or sea gypsies -- who may have occupied the area for a millennium or more.


Since the early 1980's the tourist business has been Phuket's chief source of income. Hotels, restaurants, tour companies, and souvenir shops are much in evidence on the West Coast, However, while once all-important tin mining has ceased, tourism is by no means the island's only activity. Agriculture remains important to a large number of people, and covers by far the most part of the island. Principal crops are rubber, coconuts, cashews, and pineapples, Pineapples, Prawn farming has largely taken over the east and south coasts. Pearl farming is also important. Phuket's fishing port is at all times filled, and processing of marine products, mainly fish, makes a significant contribution to the economy. With so many healthy industries supplying income, construction has become a major factor in employment. This ranges from massive public works projects, large office buildings and hotels, and housing estates with hundreds of units, down to single family homes, apartments and additions.


Phuket's weather conditions are dominated by monsoon winds that blow year round. It is therefore always warm and humid. There are two distinct seasons, rainy and dry. The rainy season ( low season)begins in May and lasts till October, during which the monsoon blows from the southwest, The dry season ( high season) is from November through April, when the monsoon comes from the northeast. Highest average temperatures, at 33.4 degrees Celsius, prevail during March. Lowest averages occur in January, when nightly lows dip to 22 degrees Celsius.

The Andaman Sea will always be Thailand's reigning maritime jewel. Here we have many of the most beautiful islands and beaches in the region, crystal clear waters and stunning geography. The diversity of this geography is also a powerful attraction. Phuket has beautiful beaches, warm climate and isolated islands. Only for this matter is the core attraction that brings many tourists from colder climates each year and are the exactly the kind of attractions that those on boats are much better positioned to seek out and enjoy.


  • Bang-Tao Beach Has many five-star. Bang Tao is far untouched by development, and still an area where visitors might find that they have the beach to themselves. Apart from going to the beach and a few bars and restaurants there's not much that you need to leave your resort for.
  • Surin Beach is at the coast where you find a large Muslim community. Till today here there is no developed tourist service. The centre of the coast is occupied by a dozen beach restaurants where visitors could cool down with a cold beer and delicacies from the seafood prepared on fire submit.
  • Kamala Beach is approximately 16 km from the airport and 15 minutes drive from Patong beach well-known for the night life. This well-enclosed bay and fishing village surrounded by forested hills is one of the most beautiful places in Phuket. With its quieter pace, over the last few years, Kamala has become a favoured spot for retirees and other longer-term visitors.
  • Patong Beach is located approximately 22 km from the airport and 10 km from the city of Phuket. Patong has the most developed resort, the centre of productive leisure and night entertainments, nothing differing night entertainments as in Patong! Here there are set of good restaurants, go-go-bars, sex-clubs, bars for gays, modern discos and massage salons, Simon cabaret “ ladyboys show”. With approach of twilight the coast turns to one big erotic carnival where the river beer flows, music plays and smells as the diversified marine dishes and delicacies!
  • Karon Beach is located 27 km from the airport and 11 km from the city of Phuket. Karon Noi Beach (Relax Bay), has one of the best five-stars hotels in Phuket - Le Meridien has settled down. The majority of hotels are located in Karon Beach which reaches up to the cape Sai separating Karon Beach from Кata Beach the Scourge. Here many dear restaurants, boutiques and picture galleries. Unlike Patong, the night life here is more moderate.
  • Kata Beach is located approximately 31 km from the airport. Kata is the smallest of the three main tourist coasts of Phuket. The wide beach is also surrounded by hills and a wild tropical scaffold which begins at a strip of gold sand. Kata separates in two parts: Big Kata, or Kata Main Beach and distant Kata, or Kata Noi. Remoteness from the basic night centre of island – Kata main Beach offers many bars, restaurants ,massage on the beach and many shops on the strip while Kata Noi offers the virgin nature. This part of Kata is especially attractive to the people loving the nature and silence.
  • Nai Harn Beach it is indisputable and the considered place on the island. This quiet and tranquil place has only a few hotels including the Le Royal Meridien Yacht Club and is a favourite anchorage for boats during the high season. The local restaurants just above the beach make a great place to relax with a sun downer.
  • Chalong Bay is the biggest gulf and the main transport unit of a southern extremity of Phuket. Serves as shelter from strong winds for the whole flotilla boats: from sailing yachts up to tourist boats. Ferries and boats to islands such as Phi Phi Island, Coral Island, Mai Thon and Koh Racha. Chalong's muddy East Coast shoreline makes it rather unsuitable for swimming but it's an ideal and natural spot for yacht mooring. Chalong also has many informal restaurants, bars and cafes.
  • Rawai Beach is located behind cape Promthep, about 17 km from the city of Phuket. Most locals like to have picnics on Rawai beach , as well as for those who would drive from Phuket Town. The beach is not too good, but children find it convenient for swimming and playing in the water, besides the beach is protected from wind. Here you will find traditional long-tail boats and modern speed boats, which can be rented for a day trip to nearby islands Koh Bon, Coral Island (Koh Hei), Koh Lon or Koh Kaew. The beach is also used as a mooring point for the many fishermen who live in the area.
  • Cape Cape Panwa The fact, that the beach is located at east coast of Phuket, protects it from influence western coast. Therefore here it is possible to enjoy swimming the year round, that gives this beach advantage before all western coast! The water is very pure. Though strongly pronounced can disappoint fans to float in the sea all the day. The cape is in 42 km from the airport and approximately in 11 kilometres from the city of Phuket. This is more of a functional than a recreational beach and indeed right at the end stands a large pier for commercial and military use.